Your 2019 Plan

Your 2019 Plan

Why Plan?

The significance of planning is known only to those who have gone through with a plan they had designed themselves and executed by their self. Those who haven't yet done this have to understand the exuberant feeling of relief a plan can give someone who was once otherwise lost and had little sense of purpose. When we analyze what our dreams are and our milestones and our goals and our list of things to do, we start to appreciate what our abilities actually are. The motivating part of this is that once you reach a milestone if you take the courage to keep moving forward in life, the next milestone you reach will be something you might have thought was impossible before you began your journey.

here are your steps

Key Steps To Planning Before Actually Planning

  1. Understanding what makes you happy and proud in life: this will help you understand what you're intrinsic motivations will be when life gets you down.
  2. Explore Your Core Values: It's important to know what your core values are before planning your 2019 so that you don't chase anyone else's dream but your own. This will give you greater satisfaction and self-allignment when looking back at what you've accomplished
    • Examples: Adventurousness, balance, commitment, community, compassion, cooperation, creativity, discipline, empathy, fairness, generosity, goodness, growth, happiness, hard work, helping society, honesty, inner harmony, leadership, legacy, love, persistence, philanthropy, preparedness, professionalism, reliability, resourcefulness, self-actualization, self-control, selflessness, self-reliance, service, thankfulness, timeliness, trustworthiness, truth-seeking, understanding, unity, vision.
  3. Understanding Your Needs: It is crucial to planning to know what our needs are before planning what we need to accomplish so that we can focus on satisfying our most important desires first.
      • Examples: clarity, discipline, freedom, honesty, education, dreams, hope.
    1. Start dreaming your dreams: When you grow up what do you want to be? Think about your future, who you want to be, what you want to be, where you want to go, and things you want to have. We need to pull together what makes us happy and proud so that we can start brainstorming where we want to point our compass towards in life.
        • Topics for Dreams:
          • Artist Pursuits
          • Career
          • Education and Self-development
          • Relationships
          • Finances
          • Health and Fitness
          • Passionate Pursuits
          • Possessions
          • Public Service
          • Spirituality
      1. Filter out the most important dreams to you: We must do this so that we do not put our eggs in too many baskets. It's vital to our success in planning to be realistic and not plan too much or else we risk not doing anything.
      2. Create goals that resonate with who you are: Once we have what dreams we value the most, we have to turn these dreams into goals in order to create actions to execute. Dreams start in the mind, but if we don't break them down, we can't actualize them.
      3. Figure out what your milestones will be: think of your milestones as celebration points. You have to plan when to celebrate our else life gets too dull. We use these to motivate ourselves in between goals to get to the next goal. These milestones should be able to be accomplished within 2 weeks time.
      4. Create a list of projects that will serve as general categories of your goals: These projects will serve much use in making sure that your goals are organized into concrete and defined project categories so that you make sure you can for one, stay within the lines of that project, and two, give you an idea of how much you're wanting to get done in order to see if you can realistically manage it all simultaneously.
      5. Create your Action Program: this is your list of 10 to-do's that each take a maximum of 3 hours each to complete. These are your first steps, your first stepping stones into accomplishing your goals, reaching your milestones, and realizing your dreams. These are your very first moves and are the most important part of your 2019 plan.

      now go make it happen

      Enjoy your new 2019 plan. You will accomplish much in this year just stay focused and continue to think differently.

      - WPD

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