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Sometimes we value material objects more than others, especially in today's competitive environment. We should instead look towards the value of our character and the value we can provide to others' lives with our time or money.

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Value Of Your New Vehicle Drops As Soon As You Drive.

One of the most important things we should realize in this day and age of expensive lifestyles is that your car should not be your most expensive investment. Your car cannot make you money, aside from Uber, but even Uber doesn't require you to have a luxury car to start driving for them. A car is one of the worst things you can invest your money into and yet for many middle class or lower class Americans, they insist on going all in with their chips to impress who? Are they wanting to impress themselves? Just rent a sports car every once in a while to have fun. Is it to impress others? This only goes so far, and will you really ever know anyone if all they are with you for is your car?

You have to think about what you are offering the world from yourself. If all you are offering are material objects, you aren't really valuable. Not to get nihilistic, but when you die you can't bring anything with you. You shouldn't hold on to everything you own as if it embodies who you are. You are not your house, your car, your watch, your suit. You are characterized by how you make others feel and how you treat yourself. We should be respectful of ourselves and those around us that have earned our love and respect. Straying too far from who we are can lead to depressed thoughts and alienated identity. Why is this worth it for some?

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Some Desire What They Don't Have

When we desire what we don't have we begin to devalue our present self. When we devalue our present self, we have a less likely chance of our future self being happy. What we should consider prioritizing is our propensity to give back to others for what they don't have. When we see an opportunity to give someone what would help them in their pursuit of happiness, we begin to see a more caring society. A more caring society isn't less rich, it is more. If everyone engages in some form of charity of either their time or financial support, we all see the benefit. We should all be able to give 30 minutes of our time once a week and do at least 5 random acts of kindness each day. What we feel is more important than what we have. What we have right now is all we have to appreciate at this given moment. What is there to gain by forgetting about the sports car and investing in ourselves and others? We not only live a better life, but it helps us continue to think differently.


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