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Lately, I've been thinking about what use does one's story have? What might we be able to do with the sufferings we've felt if no one has an ear to listen? We all have our own problems at bay, so why should some poor sufferer unleash their burdens onto another's life? Is this selfish? Or can it be righteous?


I think that with the right level of processing of the suffering we can divulge deeper into our misfortunes and derive a deeper meaning from them. If we can take these misfortunes and learn a valuable lesson from them and then pass this lesson on to others, we might all have a better chance in life. A better chance meaning a higher likelihood of satisfaction and meaning.


What many tend to get wrong is to get lost in the darkness. If we stay too long in the darkness of our mind, we can become enraged and detest our very existence. For who did we hurt to deserve such events in our life? These events are even harder to process if you have been lost since childhood when we are likely to be affected on a deeper level by the environment we grew up in. However there is still hope even if that is the case. What we must do is understand ourselves and try to take this horrible existence and find meaning within it. If we can do that, maybe we can get through all of this, and teach others how to avoid these pains or better yet, conquer them when they reveal themselves.


We need each other. This is human nature. We are social animals that rely on one another to develop our ethics and cultural direction. Our personalities are molded by those we admire and respect, but if we do not know who we are, we will never be able to admire or respect ourselves. This is a true tragedy, for what we need to prosper is a leveled foundation for which to logically handle life's many issues. When we conquer the downfalls of our nature, we can begin to create a structure of being on top of nature, separate, yet weaved and intertwined. We are travelers on this planet, and we have just enough time to figure out what we might be here for.


Let's stick with that. Let's find a quest to propel ourselves into and hold ourselves responsible for the community around us at large. Let's continue to think differently.



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