Hey there! my name is David Sinclair, founder of World Power Designs. World Power is a brand network that is a resource for inspiration and community hub for discussion & feedback. World Power's goal is to promote & lead in policy change backed by unbiased research completed by our contributing writers and funded by our own revenue.
We also tell the stories that many do not know; how Marilyn Monroe was a person of influence and highlighting the story that the "media" never showcased.
World power is a community hub to be a part of the discussion of topics that come up.
Eventually, World Power would like to become a Think Tank funded by its own sales of products & services and working towards the accessibility of education for all. We want to create fair and unbiased research known & easily accessible in condensed articles that describe how this research can apply to inspire or disciplining your life and empowerment. 
We hope to become a routine part of your day. We hope we can inspire everyone to realize the importance of opening yourself up to new ideas.

We also hope by wearing our designs, you will have something you can wear that will always help you see power within yourself even when no one else does. The shirt symbolizes this by utilizing the "mirror effect" where the word power is only plainly legible when you look in the mirror. It is also when you look in the mirror that the word "WORLD" mirrors itself, a form of transformation. This symbolizes the effect that this philosophy can have on your life; once you see power within yourself, you start to see the world differently...

This is based on the philosophy that we must work every day to rid ourselves of the mental obstacles in our heads. We hope when we look in the mirror every day we will see an unstoppable force that transforms the unfortunate in life into raw motivation we can utilize in hard times.

We must collectively continue the human race’s journey to be successful in a world that creates our policies from fear and greed.

This is a world where you can explore your own path; where you can be unafraid of what might lay ahead. This is what matters most. Continue to think differently.

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Founder - David Sinclair

Click here to read his story on why and how he founded World Power Designs.

The WPD Signature

This symbol represents life as an everyday opportunity. Every day we decide whether we want to swim forward in life or sink. We do this both consciously and subconsciously every day. This can be affected by our inner thoughts we aren't aware of, or it can be caused by outside forces we allow blocking progress. The top line going right represents swimming forward in life and the dot represents you. The middle line represents life as a never-ending ocean in which you can go in any direction you like. The bottom line is representative of sinking in life. This can happen any day, but it also can be inhibited any day.

Our Mantra

It is when you conquer the person staring back at you in the mirror, will you finally see true power within yourself. At this moment, you will inevitably see the world differently than before. You will now have gained the ability to change your world.

We emphasize "your" world instead of the world because no one can change everyone’s world, but everyone can always change their own world. Your world is simply your thoughts and your emotions, and you will always have the ability to control, at the very least, those two things in life.

It is said an individual can judge someone within 1/10th of a second of seeing them. By wearing this clothing, within that split second you will express to everyone around you that you are a creator, a thinker, and someone who unifies others, much like Marilyn Monroe did. The World Power clothing line was created with great care to mix symbolism and allegory with historical accuracy and truth so that we can explain the story's of these idols' lives in an easily digestible and educational manner which in return gives you the reasoning as to why it is so beneficial to your success and peace of mind to analyze your behaviors with a psychoanalytical, and often, philosophical lens. 

To this end, we share others' stories we believe you will be able to identify with and learn valuable lessons from.

We ask you to dig deeper into what World| Power represents, and more importantly, how this system can empower you.

Wear our inaugural design to embrace Marilyn Monroe's story as a symbolic image that will show you how to feel comfortable in very uncomfortable situations. By learning more about Marilyn and future idols we plan to showcase in new designs, we truly believe you will understand what World Power Designs stands for, what our true goals are, and the potential this brand can have for you and your future.

Continue to think differently.

Marilyn Monroe Relevance to World Power

Marilyn represents the first symbolic paragraph of World Power Designs' story we represent allegorically through our designs. Through painstakingly intense research, we have created a common connection between the lives of 5 idols we have chosen that come from all walks of life. We found that Marilyn's experiences in some way, shape, or form, connects with every other historical figure we chose, making her the ideal candidate for our first release. We at World Power Designs believe to our core that our customers will be able to relate with these individuals on a deeply emotional and powerful level.

    This is part of our mission to educate people on how and why they should find the tools within themselves that can allow them to open their mindset and conquer their fears no matter what position or situation they find themselves to be in. By showcasing these five’s personal issues, we hope to ignite curiosity surrounding how self-empowerment can begin with World Power Designs. All of this requires first looking at the person staring back at you in the mirror. Really look and allow yourself the freedom of thought to think differently than you did before and start again in a whole new direction--forward.

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